4 Teeth-Whitening Trends That Can Seriously Harm Your Teeth

You likely see posts on your social networking sites and on blogs that tout the biggest new teeth-whitening trends and how great they work. Most of these remedies are cheap and require only items you already have at home, which can lead you to immediately trying them before looking into whether they really work or not. Be careful, because many are not only ineffective, but they can actually greatly damage your tooth enamel. Read More 

Tooth Decay Prevention Tips For Every Stage Of Life

Tooth decay occurs when oral bacteria feed on sugars left in your mouth after a meal and release acids that break down the enamel on your teeth. Cavities are small spots of tooth decay. They usually start off small and grow in size if left untreated, eventually threatening the health of the entire tooth. Tooth decay affects the young and the old. To avoid it, you need to focus on good oral hygiene through each stage of life. Read More