3 Reasons Why You’re Not Going Numb

One of the most common worries people have when visiting a dentist is that the anesthetic won't work and they will experience pain. While the majority of these concerns are due to anxiety, there are some rare scenarios where the effectiveness of local anesthetic is reduced. Overactive Nerve Endings Local anesthetic injected into the mouth will always work if it is supplied in the correct spot. However, the location of this spot can vary widely between patients and some people may have such an unusual setup that the standard procedure adopted by dentists doesn't work. Read More 

3 Ways To Make Your Child Love The Dentist

Is your child scared of the dentist? Or, were you afraid of the dentist as a child and want to make sure your child grows up being comfortable and confident about dentist visits? Either way, your child needs to have regular dental check-ups just like anyone else. Therefore, it is a smart idea to make sure they are fearless about those visits. A confident child makes dental visits easier on everyone. Read More 

Dental Implants: Medicines That May Compromise Jaw Bone Healing

If you have discussed dental implantation with your dentist or oral surgeon, then you probably already know that there is a lengthy healing process involved after the surgery is over. Bone healing is essential during the process, and the surgeon will ask you to take antibiotics to help with this. The professional may also ask you to stay away from cigarettes and alcohol that affect your immune system and the strength of your bones. Read More 

The Puck Stops Here! Simple Solutions For A Lost Or Broken Tooth After A Dangerous Hockey Match

Whether a professional player or a hobbyist, hockey is a full-contact sport that can cause many medical and dental issues. From broken limbs and bruised ribs to damage to your teeth, it is easy to see the challenges involved with this exciting sport. While you may seek treatment for the broken bones and bruises, you may not be placing enough emphasis on your dental health. Considering knocked-out teeth are common occurrences in a hockey match, knowing what to do immediately after the accident happens is smart. Read More 

3 Exciting Advancements In Tooth Replacement Technology

Not so far in the past, the only options for people who were missing teeth were bridges and dentures. Today, most dental patients are aware that dental implants are also an option. However, what you may not realize is that dental scientists are still working on more and better tooth replacement options. Between advances in dental implant technology and exciting ways to grow whole new teeth, tooth replacement technology is reaching new levels. Read More